Why do we need wet wipes?

Very often it happens that you have no place to wash your hands (e.g. during a trip or a walking tour), while washing your hands is important not only when you get dirty, but also before eating. And sometimes you may want to eat an apple you have just picked up from the tree, but there is no place to wash the apple. What to do? The answer is simple: special wipes are available which can «wash» your hands or fruit; such wipes are called wet wipes. In addition, there are real health-protecting wipes that not only moisten or wash, but also kill harmful microbes. Such wipes are called ANTISEPTIC wipes or ASEPTICA WIPES. What difficult words – «antiseptics» and «aseptics». However, we will explain to you what they mean. «Antiseptics» means killing of harmful microbes, and «aseptics» means protection from harmful microbes! Our Mikrobot has armour: a shield used by Microbot to defend from harmful microbes – it is aseptics, and a sward used by Mikrobot to kills the enemies – it is antiseptics.

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