Why is it important to wash one’s hands and wash oneself?

The man’s hands and face are populated by hundreds of thousands of microbes. While some of them are useful for our skin and even protect it, there are many bacteria that are just waiting when you forget to wash your hands or wash yourself. Coming to the mouth and then to the stomach, harmful bacteria can trigger diseases. In general, microbes seem to look identical, but do you know that men’s and women’s hands are populated by different microbes? However, one thing is known pretty well: washing your hands is a way to remain healthy! Using water and soap, we wash off dirt, sweat and fat, these being the environment where microbes usually hide. Washing oneself guarantees a beautiful appearance, as pimples are not only ugly sores, but are places accumulating microdirt that shall be washed off when we wash ourselves in the morning and in the evening.

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