Harmful and useful microbes

So, guys, now we know that a human body contains approximately one hundred trillion cells and only one tenth of them are human cells, from which our sophisticated body is build. The remaining cells are microbes. Microbes live not only around us: they also populate our skin, they live in the nose and throat, as well as in the stomach (the stomach should be called correctly the intestine). Microbes are almost 100 times smaller than the human cell, but they are very important and affect our lives. There are harmful microbes, which cause illnesses, diseases and various disorders. However, there are also useful microbes! You may be amazed: «Why? Can microbes really be useful?» Of course, they can! Let’s discover some useful microbes, since they are true friends of man!


Lactobacilli are microbes populating our digestive system, including the mouth. Lactobacilli help our digestion function properly, «work like a dream», preventing intestinal disorders and retention. Lactobacilli produce useful vitamins and substances that help our body benefit from food we eat. Lactobacilli also protect our body from harmful microbes and attack these pathogens bravely, destroying them. In addition, Lactobacilli reinforce the body defenses, in this way making our body more resistant to diseases. Lactobacilli come to our body from fermented milk products (e.g. kefir and yoghurt), as well as from sauerkraut.


Bifidobacteria are microbes very similar to lactobacilli; but unlike the latter, bifidobacteria live and work to the benefit of man in the intestine. Another peculiar feature of bifidobacteria is that they prevent allergies in people.

Escherichia coli

This bacterium lives in the intestine of every person. If the person is healthy, then Escherichia coli bacterium lives happily inside the person, doing good to the body of its host. An important function of Escherichia coli is to synthesize vitamin K needed for good blood coagulation. Vitamin K is also necessary for proper bone development and their quick restoration after injuries. Moreover, vitamin K controls different processes in the body and protects the body from harmful microbes, and even neutralizes certain poisonous substances that can come to our body.

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