How can we see a microbe?

Microbes are so small that the human eye can not see them. However, microbes can be seen and studied using a simple school microscope with 800X magnifying power! Of course, microbes live in any liquid, but microbe growing experiments would be more interesting. For example, you can make hay extract. Indeed, hay extract that is very simple to prepare: pour some tap water in a vessel with hay and leave it in a warm bright place for one or two day (s). On the third day, you can see, using a microscope, the birth of hay bacillus, a microbe hunted by other predacious microorganisms, e.g. by the microorganism called Paramecium caudatum.

A microscope enables us to see the huge and complex world of microorganisms. This world, dominated by microbes, is extremely important for man. Some people believe that people would never fall ill if we destroyed all microbes in the world. However, it is not true! Many microbes are useful and produce vitamins and acids, without which people would develop weakness.


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