Interesting facts about microbes

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a scientist, was born on 24 October 1632, in Delft, Netherlands. He invented the microscope and was the first on the Earth to see microbes, looking at a drop of simple water with magnification. Microbes populate almost the entire surface of the Earth. They were found also in the upper atmospheric layers and even in oceans at a 10-km depth. A great number of harmful microbes live both on dirty hands and on fruit, that is why it is so important and necessary to wash your hands before meals and wash vegetables and fruit before your eat them.

If we take all bacteria living in the human body and weigh them, their total weight would exceed 2 kg.

Bacteria have been living on the Earth much longer than man. Bacteria appeared on our plant 3.4 billion years ago, when there even was no oxygen in the atmosphere.

In the man’s moth alone, over 40 million bacterial live. Now, do you understand, guys, why brushing your teeth is so important?

It turns out that the odour we feel after the rain is produced by microbes that live on the ground. They are called actinobacteria.

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