Who are microbes?

Microbes are very, very small organisms, microorganisms, which are so small that they are invisible to the human eye. The word MICROBE derives from the ancient Greek words «micros» meaning «small» and «bios» meaning «life». A very powerful microscope (a device that magnifies the smallest things or organisms in one hundred or even thousand times) is needed to see what microbes look like and where microbes live. Microbes live everywhere around us: on the ground, on our toys, on our body, on fruit and pets. Moreover, microbes also live inside our bodies. It is unlikely that we could live without useful microbes. However, guys, there are harmful microbes that can cause a disease.
A man consists of cells – small particles. There are one hundred trillion cells in a human body!!! Write down this figure to see how much it is – one hundred trillion. However, the man himself consists of only one tenth of those one hundred trillion cells, with the rest cells being microbes! Let’s try to understand that huge number of microbes: which ones are harmful and which ones are useful.


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